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Biot is set in the hills above the bustling coast of the French Riviera. The medieval village retains much of its original charm and character and can be a welcomne respite from the hustle and bustle of the larger towns such as Cannes and Nice. The proximity of Biot to Valbonne and Sophia Antipolis make this a popular choice for those buying a permanent residence on the French Riviera.


Glass works and pottery factories. Since the first settlers to the region, Biot has enjoyed a long history with glass and pottery making. The area is rich in fine clays and sand and a visit to one of the many glass and pottery factories is a must.

What to Buy - Biot Property:

Biot Villas - On the outskirts of the village, set in tranquil locations there are modern and traditional villas available. Biot has schools, shops and an excellent programme of events and activities taking place throughout the year. A real 'working' village and an ideal choice for those living and working in the region.

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