Client Testimonial. MC&GA, UK: “When we were looking for a small apartment in Cannes we were advised by our Bank to use the services of Jackie Pressman, and it was the best advice we could have been given."

How To Buy?

When you buy in France the way that the property purchase is structured depends on the personal circumstances of the buyer. The necessity of structuring the purchase in the most appropriate way is essential to your tax and financial planning and also your inheritance planning. Mistakes can be costly!
Fact:    In France property is ALWAYS inherited by the children of the owners, even children from previous relationships.
Fact:    In France having a will governed by the laws of another country is useless.
Fact:    In France an estate agent always works for the seller and is interested only in selling the property, not how to structure the purchase in the best way for you.
Fact:    At FRPS, we work for you the buyer, our service is free and we guarantee to save you time and money.

We only feature a small selection of properties that are available for sale,  but as we are property search specialists we will find a selection of properties which meet your requirements. Saving you time and money.