Client Testimonial. AL, UK: We were so impressed with your quick grasp of the situation, your negotiating skills, and your handling of officialdom – which we could certainly not have done on our own. You have exceeded all our expectations and we would like to thank you most sincerely for all the help you have given us.

Client References

S & WC, USA: "Chère Jackie, Wow! We moved in today and the apartment is even more perfect than we imagined.  Everything is perfect. We will be in touch with you as we figure out things we need, but for now we are so happy. Thank you for all you have done for us. We could never have managed without you."

SS & CKS, UK:  "We want to thank you very much once again for all your tremendous work over the weekend. We are delighted to have spent those three intense days with you and to get our Cannes Apartment Investment Project between your capable hands.
We managed to do 16 viewings in three days and everything was perfectly organised on top of benefiting from your precious experience and pieces of advice. You really made our life easier during those three days. Thank you again for that."
TM, USA: "Thank you so much for your assistance during our trip to the South of France.  Your insights and ideas were just what we needed and we absolutely loved every single recommendation you gave us for enjoying our vacation too. We just couldn't go wrong with your assistance.  Merci a million!"

KG, Holland:  "Love your newsletter, Jackie! Keep them coming. Hopefully one day I shall be able to afford a great home in the South of France! Specially if I look outside my window and see the grey skies of The Hague."

C & F.T - Germany:  "We wanted to thank you for the absolutely wonderful two days that we have spent with you searching for our "new" home. We have learned so much from you and we owe you a very big thank you. You are such a wonderful person and we so admire your expertise and life experience. It is difficult for us at times being so far away from our families and longtime friends, so knowing we have such lovely friends nearby who care – professionally and personally – is such a treat. We are so grateful for this  - THANK YOU!!"
M & K J, France: “Dear Jackie, thanks very much for helping to make the events of the last few days so successful. For support, persistence and getting things done we award you, cherries, oranges, lemons, figs and aubergines for life.”

RH, Denmark: "We are extremely satisfied with our lovely new apartment and throughout our searching and buying process you have given us very good service"

MJ Germany: “Thanks for all your hard work. We are really excited about this project and the opportunities it will give us.”

E & C M, Brittany: “Thanks for your swift and thoughtful note. Be convinced that we have the greatest confidence in your action and fully trust you, so act as you think best as you know your job perfectly.”

LV, UK: “Dear Jackie, I do not know how we would be doing all this without you. Thank you so much.”

KP, Greece: “Dear Jackie, you are my angel. I don't know how to say "thank you" and wish I speak better in your language. I wish you to find the biggest happiness, as I find in your face. THANK YOU.”

C&S M, Spain: “Once again a thousand thanks for all you have done to help – we couldn’t have come this far without you.”

DB, UK: “I outlined to Jackie Pressman my requirements and, within a very short space of time, she had identified a suitable property, which I purchased. I visited the Estate Agent once. Other than that, Jackie undertook all the detail, arranged for me to sign all the papers in London, and answered very many questions – such as names of plumbers, locksmiths, doctors, etc. I have no hesitation in recommending her services and – as far as I was concerned – it cost me no more than if I had purchased through the Estate Agent direct.”

E &C M, France: “Dear Jackie, regarding our long summer rental, we do thank you for your delicate diplomacy, such a good balance between professionalism and kindness.”

DK, France: “I had personally hand delivered a mailshot, detailing what I was looking for and stating that I was a cash buyer, to 84 estate agents. I then sat back and waited for an avalanche of opportunities to flood in – 3 miserable phone calls providing nothing!!! I was then fortunate to be introduced to Jackie Pressman and provided her with the same details and answered her follow-up questions. She then contacted me within a very short time and arranged for me to view a shortlist of a number of properties. I now own and live in the second of the properties that I viewed. After meeting with Jackie I only had to spend one afternoon to find what I wanted – not bad!!!”

C&GA, UK: “When we were looking for a small apartment in Cannes we were advised by our Bank to use the services of Jackie Pressman, and it was the best advice we could have been given. Although often dealing in properties costing many times more than ours she took infinite care with every details of our requirements (even including that a lift was needed for our elderly Labrador). She saved us time as we did not look at any unsuitable properties. We breezed through the legal aspects with her help and somehow she made it all seem like fun. We still feel that we can ask her for help and advice about a wide range of subjects as she is a positive mine of information.”

SB, Australia: “Jackie Pressman helped me with all the negotiations with the sellers agent whilst I was out of the country. She made the whole process very simple including dealings with banks and financiers. I really like how she helped with the notaire to make it all happen in a tight time frame. Even months down the track, I was happy to see she contacted me regarding a refund from settlement due to me. Overall, I would definitely recommend her services.”

AL, UK: “Dear Jackie, I know we have told you how much we appreciate everything you have done for us but we thought it was high time we actually dropped you a line to say so and to thank you. You have now handled three transactions for us, each one complicated and difficult, and with each one you have done a superb job for us. Not only that but you have also saved us a considerable amount of money. You renegotiated our first transaction and saved us 30,000 euros; you quite literally saved the second transaction (our sale) from total failure, and with the third (our recent purchase through you of an investment apartment in Cannes) our bank’s surveyor valued the property in its original condition at 100,000 euros more than we paid for it!  We have every confidence with you handling the renovations for us – it will be worth considerably more when finished. In each instance we were so impressed with your quick grasp of the situation, your negotiating skills, and your handling of officialdom – which we could certainly not have done on our own. You have exceeded all our expectations and we would like to thank you most sincerely for all the help you have given us. With our warmest good wishes.”

C&FZ, Italy and Holland: “We would like you to know that we have appreciated your timeliness, respect of appointment dates/times, precision, and efficiency. First on our three-day visit: with viewings on the first day we were able to refine our search criteria; the second day visits were already so focused that we found exactly the location and specification we wanted and selected the properties we wished to second-view. Following this, your excellent assistance with the negotiations and for formal, burocratic and legal matters. Also your excellent availability via phone and email. We are very happy with the choice we made and look forward to many happy times in our new home.”

UKK, Germany: “I just want to tell you how I very much appreciated all the work you have done for me in helping to find this lovely house. Somehow you knew excactly what I was looking for, it seemed you were able to look into my heart and make the right choice. Your efficiency in dealing with everything impressed me enormeously, it felt good and safe to "be in your hands" indeed.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

K&MJ, Germany: “We can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and energy in helping us find our beautiful apartment in Cannes. We had been talking about this for years and you helped make it possible! Thank you for your diligence and knowledge of all aspects of the purchase, negotiation and communication skills, and finally for organising us! We have no hesitation in recommending the services of Jackie Pressman and French Riviera Property Search for any property purchase on the Cote d’Azur.”

PB, France: “Now that the renovations are complete, I would like to formally thank you for your help and efficiency in the locating and purchasing of our apartment in Cannes. Everything went through very smoothly, due in no small measure to your care and diligence.”

TD, Ireland: “Thank you again for taking the time and give us such a comprehensive guide to the range of properties in the best areas that you felt appropriate to our needs. It was most helpful for us to get a feel for the different locations and indeed get us to make up our minds on what we want.”

PH, France: “In all my dealings with Jackie Pressman, I have found her to be diligent on my behalf, using her vast experience of the buying process to ensure that property purchase and or rental transactions in the complicated French market were carried out efficiently and effectively. But, most importantly, Jackie provides that rarest of animals - excellent after-sales service. Even though the transaction may have been completed, nothing is too much trouble for Jackie to iron out. All this is carried out in a friendly and enthusiastic manner. With much appreciation, Peter” 

GL, UK: “French Riviera Property Search undertook a search for suitable accommodation on my behalf in respect of the MIPIM Convention in March 2006. The service provided was professional, organised, and specifically met my individual requirements in a time frame that far exceeded my expectation. I wholeheartedly recommend the company to anyone seeking accommodation in the South of France.”

ML, UK: “We are delighted with the transactions you have done for us and we always mention it when we discuss French property with friends.”

LM, UK: (extract) “To mention a few things that Jackie Pressman has done for us: mortgage, finance, investment, notary, property removals, banks, painters, negotiating with everyone – perhaps it would make more sense to ask what Jackie has not done!” ………. “ the other wonderful point is that Burton (Jackie’s husband) is extremely supportive, so when we call at some stupid hour, he is relaxed and kind about it.”

PM, Greece: “I think we communicate very well and you handle the situation for me in an excellent way. Thank you again for being prudent and protective. Great organisational skills!”

DS, France: "Jackie - Your newsletters are always so well done! You have a good eye. I’m not one to normally read e-mail newsletters but yours are interesting."

MV, UK: “Jackie, you’re wonderful – thank you for everything”

CDT & FT, Germany & France: "Thank you!!! You are fab :-)"

SdC, USA: "Jackie is such an elegant and professional lady."

IB, USA: "Thanks for your precious collaboration."

DW, USA: “Jackie Pressman and French Riviera Property Search served me very professionally when I was looking to rent an apartment long term. Jackie helped me find and obtain a fine apartment. She helped me through several mix-ups and delays by my bank here in Los Angeles, and I was quite pleased with her services. I would recommend them to others in my position.”

HB, Scotland: “Jackie Pressman offers an efficient service when it comes to finding property in Cannes. She is organised, pro-active and understands an individual’s requirements. I see no need to look elsewhere for my regular convention rental accommodation.”

CE, UK: “I used your company last year for the first time when I was desperate for rooms in Cannes for a convention. I can categorically say that without your help we would have struggled to get any of our staff there for a very important function we were holding. You have been very helpful to me over the past couple of years and have always acted in a very professional manner. Although we have never met, I feel as though we’ve been acquaintances for a long time. Thank you for the help you’ve given me.”